Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy and Tiring

It's been a very busy week again as usual. Managing my time as a student and as a part time worker is really not that easy. It is actually a bit pressuring and tiring and this week, i guess i will be more busy because i have finish my Thesis. Professor Capinpin gave us the deadline of submission and unfortunately I have nothing yet. I just don't know when and how to start. I have tried asking my classmates but it seems that they are very busy too and now i have to start from scratch and i have to hurry in order to meet the deadline.
Aside from my Thesis, mom is also asking me to look for someone to fix our plumbing system. For some reason the water just stop draining all of the sudden from the faucet which causes us a lot of trouble. Mom is too busy with her Tamales business and she really need that faucet to work in order to wash her Tamales ingredients. I bet she will not dare take water from the bathroom for her to wash the foods. We suspect that there is something wrong with the plumbing system. Maybe something stocked in the pipe or something.
Now, it added more pressure on me because i have to find someone to repair it. Of course, i just can't hire anyone because as much as possible we want to get good service from them. If i could just find something like the professional Plumber Portland Or has. I'm sure the problem will be fixed in no time.
Wish me luck guys, i hope i can get through all of this. Sobs.

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