Thursday, August 26, 2010

Preparing for Midterms

I really have a tough week. I am currently preparing for my Midterm and my brain is almost drain. I have to memorize every single detail of our lectures in order to get high grades. I promised my mom that i will work hard this year. My scholarship is one of the things that really pressure me. In order to retain my scholarship i have to maintain good grades in all my academic subjects. This is also the reason why i am not that active in blogging lately. Of all this stressing workloads, i am happy to say that i am still able to manage everything. Actually, i was able to play with my cousin yesterday as he invited me to try his newly discovered Online casino gambling site. Well, there’s nothing wrong in trying right? And besides, i need something to cheer me up and something to energize me and help me to get rid of stress even in a short period of time. We really had so much fun yesterday but unfortunately, i have to go back to my room and study hard again. Wish me luck guys. Have a great day and happy blogging!

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