Thursday, August 19, 2010

Organizing a Trade Show

Working as a part time event organizer is not that easy. This is what i have realized after helping my cousin in his business and i really has so much fun. As an event organizer, as what the term suggests, my main job is to organize the entire event. I am the one who will think about the every single details especially the venue of the event. Most of the events that my cousin and I were handling are birthdays, anniversaries, wedding reception and graduation ball. But among all the events that we handled together, I really had so much fun organizing a trade exhibits because I am the first one who has given an opportunity to see the items to be used for exhibit before anybody else. For those who are not familiar with trade show exhibits, Trade show exhibits are used at a variety of events to present products, ideas, build awareness and more. The first trade show exhibits that I have encountered ever since I started to become an event organizer was a school science trade show exhibit where all students from different grade levels will present their creative invention.
Organizing such event is not that easy because your responsibilities are to protect not just the items but also the visitors. This is the reason why we are placing crowd control equipments to make it easy for us to organize the event. Preparation for a trade show exhibit is not as easy as what you think because we are carrying a lot of responsibilities. We have to provide a proper public guidance by placing stanchions and velvet rope in the area to prevent any possible stampede or other related incidences.
If the crowd is really huge and it is impossible to handle by a single person, then we will put barricades if it is really necessary. Anyway, I really enjoyed working with my cousin as a part time event organizer. It’s tough yet fun and exciting. Actually, we he is now scheduled to handle another school event this coming school year. I know he will contact me again and ask for my help. I am so excited about it! By the way, if you are planning to organize your own trade shows, you can actually do it without an event organizer to guide you. I found a website that offers all you need for an event like this. If you are interested, you can visit them at

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foongpc said...

Hi Blue! Are you doing event organizing nowadays? No wonder so busy until you are MIA!! : )

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