Friday, June 25, 2010

Cool Pins

Are fond of collecting lapel pins? During my high school days, almost all of my classmates are collecting such cool accessories including custom pins. We usually pin it in our bag (mostly in the strip). If you are confident enough, you can also place it on your cap. There are different kinds of pins. Most of my classmates were buying pin with their names printed on it while others are having fun with pins with cartoon designs.
You can also collect these pins especially those who are quite expensive or those that came from the other countries. Every time my Uncle will visit us from abroad, he usually buys us some cool pins to be added in my collection. I sued to buy pins online and recently, I found a very cool collection of Australian lapel pins. They look so perfect and I want to add them in my pins collection.
Aside from being a collection item, these pins can also be used effectively for promotional marketing. Just like what happen in the recently held 2010 Election here in the Philippines where a lot of Politicians are giving these pins away to encourage everyone to vote for them. Nice strategy isn’t? They can also be used in any form of advertisement, wither you are promoting for a certain product or a newly open establishments.

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