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"Money Changes Everything" is a song written by Tom Gray, frontman of The Brains, and was the band's only underground hit. It was recorded by Cyndi Lauper for her debut allbum, She's So Unusual and was released as a single in 1984, peaking at #27 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is about how money interferes with interpersonal relationships. Lauper really nails her new wave aspirations and leanings with this cover of a tune originally recorded by the obscure Atlanta band the Brains in 1980. Lauper's version most certainly maximizes the song's commercial potential as opposed to the original, but it also brings out through its arrangement and Lauper's spirited vocal performance the memorable elements of the track that may have been hidden before. Rob Hyman, who would soon implement his distinctive melodica sound on hits from his band, the Hooters, offers a nice instrumental contribution here that lends the song a warm and lasting effect.Cyndi Lauper's recording of "Money Changes Everything" was released as the fifth single from her album She's So Unusual. It has been released in over 27 variations across the world, the most common being a two track 7" vinyl single (with varying covers). There was also a less common 12" vinyl single version. Lauper's cover features an appearance by Rob Hyman of the band The Hooters, playing his "hooter" (a Hohner Melodica) on the song's solo.

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