Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Be Found Online!

Is it interesting to see that your name is searchable over the web? Well, you must be very proud to see your name online after searching it on the web knowing that there are millions of internet users out there and the fact that your name is searchable means that you are very unique or famous. Last night, I try to have some fun by searching my name via Google search engine. Well, surprisingly, I saw my name and all my blog sites and other social networking sites that I’ve joined on the whole web page. Here’s a snapshot!
Actually, I also discovered what so-called “People Finder” site where in you can track and locate a person’s location and other related information online. I tried the “Name Find” or “Names Locator” feature of this Nameslocator.com . I tried to search my beloved Aunt. She’s an internet savvy so I am so sure that she will appear on the site’s data base. And as expected, here’s the result from Nameslocator.com:
It’s nice to see someone related to you on the web. You must try it too. It’s Fun!

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