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"Maybe He'll Know" is the fifth and final single from Cyndi Lauper's album, True Colors, released only in Holland in 1987. It is a remake of a song that Lauper recorded with her former band, Blue Angel. This seems like the best place to start in a quest to suss out Lauper's best songs of the '80s, primarily because it originally surfaced on her underappreciated band Blue Angel's lone, eponymous release in 1980 before also showing up in a solo version of the tune on 1986's True Colors. It's also a great starting point to realize and explore, perhaps for the first time, just how great a singer Lauper was and is. Unfortunately, this fact has sometimes been obscured by a too-strong focus on her image and a tendency toward overproduction on most of her records. Still, her vocal performance on either version of this tune is mesmerizing.A remix of "Maybe He'll Know" - presumably created with the intention of single release in the U.S. - surfaced as the B-side to Lauper's "I Drove All Night".

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