Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Problem with my AC

Does anyone of you know how to fix the Air Condition in my Car? I started to hear some cranky sounds from it. As if every time i turned it on, that cranky sound is like roaring crazily and that's really irritating. In fact, there were times that i just open my windows instead of turning the Air condition on.
Oh here comes another issue, it seems that there's a problem with the fan too because there are times when i turn the AC on, you can hear it humming but the fan is not running at all. It's very irritating and has been going on for the past 5 months. Does anyone had the same experience? Is it safe to unscrew it myself and check what's wrong?
Well, there are only 3 things that i can do, so far. It's either, i will leave the issue as is , fix the issue myself, or bring my car to an auto repair shop. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages too. If I chose to leave the issue as is, that means, i will rather left my car windows open while driving instead of turning my AC on. If this is the case, then i have to bear with all the irritating heat especially when i am stocked in a heavy traffic. Not to mention the smoke belching from those vehicles ahead of me that passes through inside my car. But then, just like what they said, "Turn off your air conditioner to save gas" which is something good especially if you are limiting your budget.
Fixing the issue myself will help me a lot with my limited budget too since i do not have to pay for the repair fee, however, if you do not have enough knowledge about auto repair, then i suggest that you should not dare fix it alone because you might end up making the issue much worst.
Well, it seems that the best option here is to bring it to a technician. The disadvantage here is when you landed on a wrong auto repair shop. They might take advantage of you and charge you high repair fees. You're lucky if you found a honest and competent shop like that Auto Repair Beaverton in Oregon. They have been in the industry for a very long time and they are continuously providing high quality services to their customers.
Well, as for my AC issue, i guess i should bring it now to an auto repair shop before making the condition much worst. Will buzz you about this guys! See yah!

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