Saturday, May 7, 2011


"Mon ami m'a quittée" (meaning "My Boyfriend Left Me") is the first single from Céline Dion's album Les chemins de ma maison. It was released in September 1983 in Quebec, Canada, and later in France and Belgium. The song was very successful in Quebec. On October 8, 1983 it entered the singles chart and became number 1 for nine weeks. It spent twenty four weeks on the chart in total. Céline Dion received also 2 Félix Awards the next year. "Mon ami m'a quittée" was released later as a single in France to promote Dion's first album in that country, Du soleil au cœur. A music video was made in 1984, for the Sur les chemins de ma maison TV special. Céline Dion recorded also a German version of this song called "Mon ami, geh nicht fort." It was included as B-side on "Was bedeute ich dir" single, released in Germany in 1984. "Mon ami m'a quittée" was released also as a single in the Netherlands in 1997 by BR Music to promote the C'est pour toi compilation. In 2005, the song became a part of Dion's official French best of album On ne change pas.

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