Saturday, May 7, 2011


"Dans la main d'un magicien" (meaning "In the Hand of a Magic Man") is Céline Dion's first single from the movie soundtrack Opération beurre de pinottes. It was released in 1985 in Quebec, Canada. Céline Dion recorded also an English version of this song called "Listen to the Magic Man" and did her first real music video for it (1985). "Listen to the Magic Man" is also notable for being Dion's first English-language song recorded in the studio. The Peanut Butter Solution / Opération beurre de pinottes soundtrack album includes both versions as well as two other Dion recordings: "La ballade de Michel" and its English-language counterpart "Michael's Song." Neither the French or English version of the song were included on any of Céline Dion's albums.The track was made officially available on a CD for the first time in September 2006. It was included on a special bonus disc bundled with Volume 1 of the Contes pour tous DVD box set, only available through Imavision's web site.

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