Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Louvre Museum and Arc de Triomphe

Did you know that aside from the Eiffel Tower, another popular attraction in Paris is the famous art museum of Louvre. Louvre Museum is well known for being the place of one of the world’s renown yet mysterious painting of Leonardo Da Vinci which is the Mona Lisa. Another great attraction would be the Arc the Triomphe. If you failed to make it to Eiffel tower and had a chance to view the entire vicinity of Paris, well, Arc de Triomphe is the best alternative way. It is not as high as the Eiffel but you can still view the entire city. It makes me realized how lucky the people are who lives near Paris like in Ashford for example because they only have to ride a train to visit the Paris. Ashford International is well known in Ashford and it routes many places in Europe including Paris.

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