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The Spice Girls was a British pop girl group formed in 1994. They consisted of Victoria Beckham (formerly Adams), Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, and Geri Halliwell. They are the best-selling girl group of all time.
They were signed to Virgin Records and released their debut single, "Wannabe", in 1996. The song hit number one in 31 countries and helped establish the group as a "global phenomenon". Credited for being the pioneers and pave the way for the commercial breakthrough of teen pop in the decade of the 1990s
The image of the Spice Girls was deliberately aimed at young girls, an audience of formidable size and potential; reinforcing the range of appeal within the target demographic were the bandmates' five distinctive personalities, which encouraged fans to identify with one member or another. This marketing was helped in no small way by the aliases assigned to each member of the group, similar to the marketing ploy used in children's serial literature of including several different character types in the storyline. Shortly after "Wannabe's" release, the group appeared in Top of the Pops magazine where each member was given a nickname based upon her image: Victoria became "Posh Spice", Emma became "Baby Spice," Melanie B was named "Scary Spice", Geri was named "Ginger Spice", and Melanie C became "Sporty Spice"
here are some of their greatest hits




"2 BECOME 1"



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foongpc said...

There's a number of songs from Spice Girls which I like, like Viva Forever, Wannabee and Stop.

Too bad they didn't last. Well, at least they had their time : )

Anonymous said...

Spice Girls has been one of my favorite girl bands and I really like their songs so much...Hope they can have a concert reunion just like the BSB.

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