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Here we go down to our last post for these month theme "Girl Groups"
Meet the Destiny;s Child

Destiny's Child was an American R&B girl group comprising lead singer Beyoncé Knowles alongside Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The group achieved four major studio albums and four US number-one singles, and sold over 50 million records worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling recording artists in the U.S. They are the world's second best-selling female group of all time, only being beaten by The Spice Girls. Billboard magazine ranks the group as one of the greatest musical trios of all time, and inducted the group in 2008 into the All time Hot 100 Artist.

Their third album, Survivor, which contains themes the public interpreted as a channel to the group's experience, contains the worldwide hits "Independent Women", "Survivor" and "Bootylicious". In 2002, Destiny's Child announced a hiatus, allowing its members to attain individual success. They re-united with 2004's Destiny Fulfilled, and a year later during their world tour, announced that the group would disband and its members would pursue solo careers.

Here are some of their greatest hits




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