Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My excitement with Direct TV

My grandfather was working abroad and he's residing in United States permanently and now he's planning to take us with him and help us to process our papers and documents so we can be a US citizen too. My father is working with him too so it will be a big advantage for us if we will be there in US and reside in permanent. I have heard so many good things about US and im excited to feel the lifestyle and living of americans. Although i have one thing to worry, i'm afraid that i will lose most of my hobby that i usually do here in the Philippines. Iam addicted in watching TV and i was hook with some tv programs. That is why my mom subscribes in one of our local cable providers. We were very satisfied with the service that we received from our cable service provider and now i am worrying that i will lose all my favorite channels as we migrate in US. As far as i remember, me and my grandpa had a talk over the internet or simply through chatting and he had mentioned something about Direct TV. Direct TV is one of the leading cable service provider in US and number one in customer service. He told me that he had nothing to say with the Direct TV system and he's very well satisfied with the Direct TV service that he received. A friend of mine also referred me to Direct Sat TV, an authorize Direct TV dealer and is accessible online. I went over the website and i found good stuffs. They got many special offers and you have the ability to choose what kind of Direct TV packages will suit your needs and your budget. The Prices are very affordable and very competitive. The Package starts at $29.99. Amazing. So now i know where and what cable service provider to subscribe and im pretty much excited to be a part and to be one of the million subscribers of Direct TV.

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foongpc said...

You are going to migrate to US soon? Perhaps you will find even more interesting TV channels in USA.

Btw, you really can't live without TV right? ; )

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