Thursday, August 30, 2012

Setting a Date

Have you ever been set for a blind date? My friends are actually encouraging and used to set me up for a blind date. Actually, i never attended any of those dates except last month because they really forced me to. The date turned out great and the girl I met was really friendly and cute. I never met her prior to our date and I have no idea about her actually. Well, I'm happy that we're friends now but I don't think i can extend our relationship much further especially now that I've heard that she's now dating someone. That's pretty fine with me and on the first place, I am really not in to this Blind date thing. For me, it is very important to know the person first before inviting her for a date. I took date as a serious matter. If I am going to date someone, then I want to make sure that she's the one that I am going to be with forever.
Actually, I preferred those dating website other than setting me up for a date to someone I am not familiar with. Dating websites will allow you to make your own profile, and meet other people online. Of course, most of this people are singles because they will not be on that site on the first place if they're already committed to someone right? Interestingly, most of them are free dating websites which offer a lot of wonderful features like chat, video calls and a whole lot more. I have friends who have met their partner online and this could also be my chance. Who knows right? The right girl is probably waiting for me on the other side of the cyber world. Cool.

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