Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Time for A Change

An invitation came to me by surprise a week ago. My cousin will be getting married this coming September and I am not expecting that it will happen very soon. It seems that it was just yesterday when he broke up with his long term girlfriend and asking for my advice and then all of the sudden, here comes a letter inviting me to attend his wedding. Time runs out so fast indeed and we can never tell what will happen the day after today.
Anyway, I am so happy for this wonderful news brought by my cousin and I wish all the best and success for him and for his wife to .
I seldom share my personal life here but to be honest, I would like to experience the same thing as my cousin. You can't just blame me for dreaming of such thing because I am just a simple guy and I am not getting any younger as well. I know for the fact that the time will come that I am going to marry a girl and I'm going to spend my lifetime with her.
I have to admit that my last relationship didn’t work well and after that, i decided not to enter any relationship yet and focus more on my other responsibilities. I am the breadwinner in my family and I am responsible for taking care of my parents and my siblings. But I guess I've done great enough for them and it's time for me to prioritize my personal life. Actually some of my friends are setting me up on some blind dates but i keep on refusing them because i would rather go with online dating service than meeting someone immediately without any knowledge about her. That’s one of the advantages of online dating sites. Aside from giving you opportunity to meet other people online, it gives you a chance to know them deeper. for an instance is a nice website to begin with for women who are aiming to meet new friends or companions online.

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