Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm Busy and Short

Finally, I have a new job however, i had to adjust myself since I am having a hard time with my new schedule. Unfortunately, i can hardly find time to update my blogs and I am so disappointed with what's happening right now. I'm going to be very busy this coming weeks because we will be deployed in the production floor starting next Monday so , meaning to say, we will be dealing with real customers and we will be handling real calls. It's going to be another stressing week indeed especially that I am currently adjusting with the situation.
I can't blog anything as of this moment not just because of my busy working schedule but due to other things as well. My computer is not working anymore so i had to visit an Internet cafe everyday to update and check my emails and blogs. It is very irritating but I can't do nothing about it. My motherboard got a serious problem and I had to buy a new CPU so that I can continue with my online work.
Right now, i really don't know where to start, my budget is not enough yet to purchase a brand new one since I am saving my money for the upcoming Holidays. I might consider taking Easy Personal Loans to cover the rest of my expenses for this month. Good thing, i never had a bad credit history and I always pay my bills and my debts on time so I am pretty sure that the lending company will approve my request immediately. Whew, what a relief!! I better apply now so that I can purchase the brand new CPU as early as possible. Don't you think it is more ideal to buy a laptop than CPU? Errr any suggestions guys?

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