Friday, June 10, 2011


"Plus haut que moi" (meaning "Higher Than Me") is a duet between Mario Pelchat and Céline Dion, released as a radio single only, in Canada (September 6, 1993) and France (March 7, 1994). The song was taken from Pelchat's album, called Pelchat (February 1993). Dion included it on her greatest hits compilation On ne change pas in 2005. "Plus haut que moi" was written by Eddy Marnay, Ken Cummings and Mark Blatte. It is a French adaptation of "Higher Ground," performed by Jennifer Rush on her album Wings of Desire in 1989. Later, Dion covered another Rush's song, called "The Power of Love" which become one of her biggest hits.

"Plus haut que moi" was produced by Aldo Nova who already collaborated with Céline Dion on her previous albums, and by Tino Izzo. The latter worked with Dion again in 2005 on "Tout près du bonheur," and in 2007 on "On s'est aimé à cause" and "A World to Believe In."

"Plus haut que moi" is the last Eddy Marnay's song recorded by Céline Dion. Marnay wrote all her early French songs between 1981-1987.

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