Sunday, June 19, 2011

Easy Viewing Experience

Facebook is like a part of my everyday life now. It's like a daily routine already that i have to update my status and check some of my friends updates too. Being an Internet Savvy guy and as for a guy who used to spend most of his time online, Facebook is such a great tool not just for promoting my sites but also as an effective stress reliever. Checking some of the recent photos from my friends' profiles and watching those videos that they share on facebook keep all my stress away.
Good thing I can now access facebook on my mobile phone, making it more convenient to me especially when i'm at the office. We're lucky yo have these modern advances right?
And now here comes FBMagic that made facebook viewing more interesting. FBMagic offers free service that will scan your facebook wall and collect all YouTube videos which will create a a playlist for easy and convenient watching experience.
You can also remove those videos that you do not want to watch from the list and you can customize your playlist too.
If you want to try FbMagic, you can have it for free, just visit them at and see how it works.
Happy blogging everyone!

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