Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Should I Be Happy or Not?

I don’t know if I should be happy or not with this Typhoon Basyang. Thankful because classes were suspended and quizzes are being postponed. But even I am celebrating this one day vacation; I am still upset because we lost our internet Connection yesterday. Oh and we also lost the whole power supply for almost a day. I am so upset because I thought I will have a chance to play my favorite USA casino games and watch my favorite shows but since it is brown out, I can’t do anything but to wait until the power supply is restored. Actually, on that day, I am planning to play my favorite Roulette but I was like frozen because I can’t do anything. I do not have anything to keep my self busy as well. The power supply was restored early this morning and said to say, I have to go back to school as classes are being resumed as well. So sad to say, I have to wait until Saturday when I am allowed to play casino games. My mom is very strict when it comes to this. She tried to minimize our hours of usage of the internet to save energy and to lessen the electric bills too.

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