Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My TV Options!

Last night, I am talking to my sister via phone. She is now working in United States and I know for sure that sooner or later, she will be residing there permanently with her fiancé. I really had so much fun talking with her last night. We almost discuss everything and we even make some comparison between US and my country. According to her Americans are different from Filipinos in terms of their way of living, culture and beliefs. I am so happy for my sister knowing that she had found the right man for her and they are now planning to set their marriage.
She told me that once I’m done getting my education, she wants me to stay with her and help me to find a job abroad. My sister knew how addicted I am in watching Tv. I love watching Tv and I am an avid follower of some television programs. According to her, if I will be staying with her in the near future, I have nothing to worry about it because she was subscribed under a well trusted cable service provider which is the Direct TV. I have heard so many good things about Direct Satellite TV from my friends and I find it very interesting. According to her, she really had a hard time dealing with her previouys cable service provider that’s why she switched to Satellite Directv. She went over to www.mytvoptions.com and subscribe for direct tv. The site will allow you toi choose the tv provider that is right for you! I’m getting very excited to become one of the million subscribers of Direct TV. I have heard that Direct Tv is also the leading cable service provider in terms of providing a great and excellent customer service support. Amazing!

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