Thursday, April 26, 2012

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Colostrum! I'm sure you have heard of that term. It is commonly referred to us as the "first milk". I have read several magazines about the benefits that Colostrum has to offer. It has the so called "antibodies" that helps you protect your newborn against disease. Compare to ordinary milk, it has higher protein too and has lower fats. This is most likely the reason why most health experts advise the mothers to breastfeed their child because breast milk has so many nutrients and health benefits that no other milk can offer.
It is indeed necessary for every mom to breastfeed their kids and help them grow healthier. However, not all moms are lucky enough to supply their kids with more milk through breastfeeding which most likely the reason why they make use of those commercial products to fill up those insufficiency. Well, good thing there were other effective ways now that moms can used to increase milk supply and that is in the nature of herbal products. I came across and interestingly, i never thought that a herbal tea can help those women with low breast milk supply. It has a special herbal formula that works effectively to increase breast milk production. Keep in mind that responsible parenting begins here and so for your baby's health sake, breastfeed your child to protect him or her from any diseases.

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