Friday, March 11, 2011

Summer Plans

Summer is here and i'm sure most of you have their own summer vacation plans already. Summer is always associated with some outdoor activities like hitting some wonderful beaches in town or simply going to some place where you and your family can bond together. Unfortunately, me and my family don't have a solid plan yet however we are thinking of visiting our grandparents to province. It's been awhile since we last saw our grandparents so i guess it is just right to spend our vacation with them.
Besides, the province is quite nice too. It's pretty quiet since the place is way too far from the civilization. There are some mountains here too where we can do some camping activities. Having an unusual summer adventure like this will surely provide enjoyment and great summer experience that we can never forget. I'm just so tired with beaches because we always hit the beach every summer and going on the same place every year is kinda boring to me already.
Well, i will definitely recommend this vacation plan to my mom. I will also encourage my siblings to help me out in convincing my parents. Well, i'm sure they would love to see our grandparents too so convincing them will be no ease for us. Anyway, i guess i have to start preparing now the things that we might need for this upcoming week-long vacation.
I was actually online last night when i saw this cool laundry bag being showcased online.Along with this Camouflage design, there are other 13 stylish laundry bag designs available. Anyway, the reason why i am online yesterday is because i was looking for some landscaping idea. I noticed my mom is very busy with her garden recently and i thought of helping her by searching some cool landscaping idea and tips to help her. Good thing i have found some techniques at Dallas Landscaping site. I will share this to my mom later. Anyway, I also found thos cute little stephen joseph quilted backpack. This one is definitely perfect for my little brother.

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