Monday, December 6, 2010

A Car Accident on the road

There was such a huge and heavy traffic yesterday. We were actually on the way back to our office after our Manager Miss Nelie assigned us to make a product inventory check on the other branch near us. However, there was this horrifying accident on the road which caused the heavy traffic. I have seen the place of the accident and it was a bit shocking! We saw a man lying down on the floor being knocked down after getting hit by a car. He was riding on a motor cycle. I just don't know how all this event get started but after it was being published in the newspaper today, i found out that it was the car owners fault. The driver was over speeding and failed to notice the motorcycle ahead of him. But the weird thing here is that, instead of apologizing, the driver of the car still depending himself and planning to sue the motorcycle which is quite unfair to me. And one more thing! The car owner is connected to a highly appointed official which make me quite worried wheter the driver of the motorcycle, who is obviously the victim here will win the case or not. I think he better seek for something like the Personal Injury Lawyer Albany OR has. They will ensure that all the victims of such kind of unlawful accidents will get the best chances of winning the case and let them achieve the justice that they deserve. Anyway i have learned one good lesson here, Always keep yourself ready because any time and anywhere, accidents can happen so be prepared and insure yourself!

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