Thursday, April 15, 2010


Only 7 Idols Remaining. After Micheal Lynche was saved by the judges from the elimination. The remaining contenders had to face it's consequences as 2 idols will be eliminated in the next elimination night.
By the way before Micheal Lynche, a week before him ( i forgot to update you guys), Didi Benami Set off the stage.

Last Wednesday night, the most intense of all the Idol elimination, 2 idols went to say goodbye and sing their farewell songs as their journey ends up with idol

Andrew Garcia who is known for his version of Paula Abdul Song failed to amaze the judges so as the audience with his rendition of an Elvis Song

Joining Andrew, is the lovely Katie Stevens, who is said to be the Dakota Fanning of the Idol. Even though she manage to provide strong performances over the past weeks, she still failed to capture the audience's heart to vote for her.

Here are the remaining 7 Idols

Siiobhan Magnus / Michael Lynche / Tim Urban / Lee Dwyze / Crystal Bowersox / Casey James / Aaron Kelly

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